Roof Maintenance

Until there is a problem, it is easy for most of us to forget that the roof requires maintenance just like any other part of our home.  Ironically, a problem with the roof has the potential to cause as much or more damage as any of your home's systems.  To ensure you get the full life out of your roof, and avoid potential problems, we recommend scheduling a roof inspection every 5 years to check, and repair if necessary, any loose or damaged shingles, flashing, seams, caulking, and/or pipe boots.

We rarely notice those white PVC or grey galvanized pipes that stick straight up through our roofs.  However, the plumbing penetrations in the roof are the leading cause of roof leaks because they dry rot in the sun or get damaged by small animals (AKA squirrels).  Typically, we see significant pipe boot determination within 5 years.   On your next roof inspection, ask for Perma-Boots which are guaranteed to seal those penetrations for the life of your roof.  This is such a fine product, we include it as a standard on all new roofs.



What People Are Saying About Us
Besides the beautiful gutter job, everything was put back in place in my yard and the was no leftover material left anywhere. I called you less then a week ago and got a fair price and had it done all in one week.
- Dana Archibald, Apex