Roofing Inspections

We recommend that you have your roof inspected every 5 years to ensure that you get the full life out of your roof and prevent leaks that can cause costly damage to the interior of your home. Our maintenance program helps extend the life of your roof and gives you piece of mind!

Our Inspection Process:

We will do a roof inspection which means we will come to your home, get on the roof, inspect every shingle, all flashing, all caulking, and all pipe boots.  Then, we will

  • Replace up to a bundle of shingles
  • Pipe boots if necessary or convert to perma-boots for a small additional fee
  • Re-caulk any seams
  • Adjust or correct any flashing issues
  • Clear debris from any crickets or valleys. 

If we find any significant problems (which rarely happens) we will discuss it with the homeowner. 


What People Are Saying About Us
I was very pleased with the initial installation of the shingles and gutters you did several years ago. The quality of the products and workmanship was outstanding. Your attentive service on this small repair was just as impressive. I will be happy to recommend your company to my friends and family. Thank you!
- Bobby Eve, Chapel Hill